The battle of vella gulf and the role of destroyers

Background[ edit ] After their victory in the Battle of Kolombangara on 13 July, the Japanese had established a powerful garrison of 12, around Vila on the southern tip of Kolombangara island in an attempt to block further island hopping by the American forces, which had taken Guadalcanal the previous year as part of Operation Cartwheel.

The battle of vella gulf and the role of destroyers

He was ranked 81st out of cadets. Sugiura returned to school, and became a torpedo and naval artillery expert.

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After graduation from the Naval War College Japan inhe was promoted to lieutenant commander. He was given his first command: He subsequently captained the Uzuki in He held a number of staff positions through the s, including that of instructor at a number of the naval ordnance schools and was commander of Destroyer Group 5 in Sugiura was promoted to captain on November 15,and assigned command of Destroyer Group 17 shortly after the attack on Pearl Harbor.

All four Japanese destroyers were hit. Hagikaze, Arashi and Kawakaze burst into flames and were quickly sunk by gunfire. The torpedo that hit Shigure was a dud, damaging the rudder only, and she escaped in the darkness.

The many Japanese soldiers and sailors left floating in the water after their ships sank refused rescue by the American destroyers.

Over 1, Japanese troops and sailors were lost. During the battle, Sugiura's flagship destroyer was sunk, but Sugiura survived.

The battle of vella gulf and the role of destroyers

Sugiura was later appointed captain of the cruiser HaguroHe was killed on May 16, when his ship was sunk by Royal Navy warships during the Battle of the Malacca Strait off PenangMalaysia.

He was promoted to vice admiral posthumously. Books[ edit ] Brown, David Warship Losses of World War Two. Crenshaw, Russell Sydnor Death of a Navy: Arms and Armour Press.

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Naval Night Battles of the Solomons. Lacroix, Eric; Linton Wells Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War. Morison, Samuel Eliot Breaking the Bismarcks Barrier, vol.

Saunders of Toronto Ltd.The Battle of Vella Gulf On the night of 6 August between the islands of Valle Lavella and Kolombangara, six Navy destroyers – the Dunlap DD , Craven DD , Maury DD , Lang DD , Stertt DD , and Stack DD – changed the tactical role of destroyers forever.

The Battle of Vella Gulf: August , , by Vincent P. O'Hara

American destroyers fought Japanese destroyers five times more, (at Horaniu, three times off Kolombangara and at the Battle of Vella Lavella) before they achieved another victory at Cape St.


The battle of vella gulf and the role of destroyers

The victory at Vella Gulf was . The USS Vella Gulf is officially named for a World War II battle in the Solomon Islands, but its nickname is Turbo Dog.

Commissioned in , it weighs more than 9, tons.

In the resulting Battle of Vella Gulf, fought in the waters northwest of Kolombangara, the American destroyers took the Japanese completely by surprise.

The three ships carrying passengers, Arashi, Hagikaze, and Kawakaze, were torpedoed and sunk, and the escort ship, Shigure, did not linger to search for survivors. USS Vella Gulf (CG) is a Ticonderoga-class guided missile cruiser built, in active service with the United States Navy She is the second ship named for the Battle of Vella Gulf, a naval engagement in the Solomons campaign of World War II, the first being USS Vella Gulf (CVE) an escort carrier commissioned in "Vella Gulf was the first time the Navy had a significant victory in a major battle," said Poitevin about the events of Aug.

6, , when American torpedoes sank three Japanese destroyers .

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