Poop a short story

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Poop a short story

When Andrew Jackson was a little boy he lived with his mother in South Carolina. He was eight years old when he heard about the ride of Paul Revere and the famous fight at Lexington. It was then that the long war, called the Revolutionary War, began. The king's soldiers were sent into every part of the country.

The people called them the British. Some called them "red-coats. At last Charleston, in South Carolina, was taken by the British. Andrew Jackson was then a tall white-haired boy, thirteen years old. Then, without another word, he mounted his brother's little farm horse and rode away.

He was not old enough to be a soldier, but he could be a scout—and a good scout he was. He was very tall—as tall as a man. He was not afraid of anything. He was strong and ready for every duty. One day as he was riding through the woods, some British soldiers saw him.

They quickly surrounded him and made him their prisoner. He drew his sword to hit the boy with its flat side. Andrew threw out his hand and received an ugly gash across the knuckles.

Some other officers, who had seen the whole affair, cried out to the captain, "Shame! He is a brave boy.

Poop a short story

He deserves to be treated as a gentleman. The British soldiers soon returned to Charleston, and he was allowed to go home. In time, Andrew Jackson became a very great man. He was elected to Congress, he was chosen judge of the supreme court of Tennessee, he was appointed general in the army, and lastly he was for eight years the president of the United States.

Make a friend's break great Stories courtesy of gutenberg.We pick the perfect story for your bathroom break - the only paper you need is on the roll.

The Big Poop is a scary funny story about a little boy who suspects his house is haunted and is afraid to use the bathroom on his own. We pick the perfect story for your bathroom break - the only paper you need is on the roll.

Poop a short story

Girls poop and pee freely on self-cleaning carpets and beds. Feb 06,  · One such story is The Dark Day, from James Baldwin's Fifty Famous People short story collection.

The "medium" short stories can have a length of about words, and can be read in minutes. We will find stories like Van Wempel's Goose, from Myths and Legends of Our Own Lands by Charles M.

Skinner/5(4). Fifty Famous Stories Retold. James Baldwin. Once upon a time there lived on the banks of the River Dee a miller, who was the hap-pi-est man in England.

He was always busy from morning till night, and he was always singing as merrily as any lark.

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